What is condominium living? Is it following the Condo Act? Enforcing your corporation's by-laws?


At Twenty Place, condominium living is about creating a sense of community. This gated adult community encompasses 650 units in ten phases with a clubhouse and about 1,200 residents. Overseeing it all, are fifty directors and a management company. Not an easy task considering the site is larger than many small towns.


To be successful, Twenty Place exhibits a set of values that empowers its members to be involved in the decisions that affect every day life. First and foremost is an organizational structure that streamlines the process of getting fifty directors to agree on decisions that will impact all condominium phases. By properly utilizing a committee structure that respects the decision making authority of individual phases, decisions can be made quickly and decisively. However, a balanced organizational structure is not enough. What makes the system successful are directors who act in good faith, trust their service providers and always work together by putting the needs of the whole community above the interests of individuals. Fortunately, Twenty Place has a working group of Directors who

understand that property management is a complex undertaking that requires much trust, hard work and communication.


For almost ten years, Twenty Place has succeeded in this regard and the results are reflected in the spirit of this community. Residents are constantly supporting each other in many different ways. For example, volunteers recently organized an information night about Alzheimer's to assist people living in our community who suffer from this dreadful disease. Other residents ensure that social activities are regularly held to promote community spirit. In fact, more than 30 events are held per month coordinated by many volunteers. Facilitating these efforts are the directors through the various committees and the residents who support them.

To the people living at Twenty Place - this lifestyle is what condominium living is about!

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Last Updated by Steve Warner on May 1, 2004