We knew we had moved to a secluded and special enclave when the Pizza Pizza guy couldn't find our address. Our little hidden Nirvana has never disappointed in the quality of the building we purchased, the people we've met who live here and the amenities of our park-like setting. Our condominium is nestled beside the Speed River in the north east end of beautiful Guelph. Hiking, mountain biking and cross country ski trails lead from our complex along the river to downtown Guelph to the south and Guelph Lake Conservation Authority to the north. The location of the property provides us with good access to all amenities and public transportation. River Ridge is a community of 76 individual condominium units grouped into 8 condominiums and a Service Trust. The Service Trust is responsible for maintenance of all asphalt surfaces, retaining walls, concrete elements, perimeter fences, tennis courts, exterior lighting, the swimming pool, and site servicing.

The topography of the condominium property is steep sloped down the side of a river valley. The architects have retained this interesting feature in the placement and design of the roads, buildings and recreational amenities (tennis courts and a pool). Numerous flower gardens dot the landscape and compliment the flowering trees on the property and the old cedar forest that surrounds the property as part of the conservation trail system. Bungalows, split levels and chalet style townhouses make up the nineteen buildings each containing four units. The exterior siding is brick on the main floor with aluminum siding on the second floor and poured concrete basements. Each unit has its own single or two car garage with two to four parking spaces. Units have a variety of floor plans that provide 2 or 3 bedrooms and 3 to 4 bathrooms as well as full finished basements.

The condominiums were built over a three year period in the late 1980's. The complex is well managed and repairs and replacements are budgeted for and completed in a timely fashion. Many upgrades have been completed since the original construction.

Committees have been formed to organize clean-up days for the surrounding roadways and trails, and barbecue socials. A landscape committee comprised of residents works to enhance the common elements of our environment. We live in a park. This year's major project was to enhance the front entrance of our complex with gardens and natural signage that coincidentally now makes it possible for Pizza Pizza to find our home.

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Last Updated by Steve Warner on November 13, 2004