Harbourview is located in the heart of downtown Burlington, just a block from Brant and Lakeshore at 415 Locust St.

Its central location places the residents of its 62 units a leisurely stroll away from a variety of restaurants, clothing stores, coffee shops, pubs, hair salons, and many other establishments. Across from Harbourview is Spencer Smith Park. With its boardwalk, war memorial, and playground, Spencer Smith Park is host to annual craft fairs, a marina, a skating rink, and a tourist information centre. The building’s location gives every resident something new and exciting to experience each day.

Harbourview displays a unique and beautiful architecture. The first and second levels of the building incorporate commercial and retail establishments, while the 3rd and higher floors house the residential suites. But, rather than being a simple rectangular shape, Harbourview is designed around a series of ‘setbacks’, so that its lower levels are larger than its upper levels. This design allows for a large 3rd floor garden terrace, shared by all residents. The terrace is filled with an array of trees and plants, landscaped every year, and it offers an open patio area in which outdoor events can be held. Third floor residents have their own private terraces, that open into the public area. Upper levels, as the setbacks continue, have similar, but smaller, garden terrace areas that are reserved for the private use of those residents. Every resident owns a unit that faces South and Southwest, providing a breathtaking view of Lake Ontario and the Burlington Skyway.

The building has a modern exercise room that exits onto the 3rd floor terrace. Adjoining the exercise room are saunas and a whirlpool. There is also a newly renovated social room, with a kitchen and tables for indoor events, that offers a fully furnished sitting area and library thanks to the property manager, who came up with the design.

The artistically unique style of Harbourview, as seen by simply looking at the building from the outside and by entering the lobby, and its location within the city of Burlington, combine to influence the Board of Directors and owners. They are a proud and dedicated group, committed to their surroundings and the support of the community.

The residential condominium is professionally managed by Precision Management Services, who have done an excellent job in keeping the building immaculate and up to date.

Photos by Leon Laron

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Last Updated by Steve Warner on October 6, 2002