The Sands (H.C.C.#207) is a high-rise condominium in Georgetown, Ontario with 159 units. The building is 11 years old, and is over 80% owner occupied.

There are several amenities, including a pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, tennis courts, tanning beds, workshop library, board room, party room, sundeck and lounge.

The building is professionally maintained by Halton Property Management, and they have an office on the main floor that is open 6 days a week. What sets The Sands apart from any other condominium that I am aware of is the Residents and the Board of Directors. Over the years, the residents have collected food every Halloween, and rather than giving candy they donate the food to the local women's shelters. There is always more than 800 lbs. Again, each and every Christmas, the residents of The Sands organize an NFL Football pool and donate toys to the "Toys for Tots". Every year, there has been more than $7,000.00 in new toys, which over 11 years translates into over $70,000.00. They donate these to The Peel Regional Police, for their campaigning, and the Police Department distributes them amongst the Halton/Peel/Metro area.

There have been many occasions where the residents of The Sands have demonstrated their strong sense of generosity including the anonymous donation of airplane tickets for a local individual to fly out west to visit a relative as well as the donation of a motorized wheel chair to a needy recipient and sponsoring individuals in the Boston Marathon.

Each week the Social Club has daily events in the Board Room - Dominos, Bingo, Euchre, Craft Club, etc. and The Sands has arranged a small bus to pick up residents every Wednesday to go grocery shopping at the local A&P The Sands puts out a monthly newsletter and has draw tickets available for monthly prizes. All proceeds from which are included in the building improvement.

They have dances, and B.B.O.'s, Halloween, Valentines, and New Years parties, along with Brunches, etc. The money raised goes into the building; they purchased beautiful new chairs/tables, mirrors for each of the seventeen floors, so that the people have a place to sit while waiting for the elevator.

Maintenance fees have not been increased in over ten years. That is almost unbelievable nowadays. Being the only high-rise in Georgetown, the Property Manager decided a few years ago to rent out the "air space" on the roof of the building, which brings in almost $40,000.00 a year in profits. (Bell Mobility/Microcell/Telus/Look) etc., What a fabulous idea of his! The interior and exterior of the building are kept immaculate. Especially during Christmas, the lights and decorations on the building are just beautiful. Please come and visit us!"