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Advertisers in the Condo News and Professional or Sponsor members of the Chapter are listed in our Professional and Sponsor Directory. If you are looking for help, please reference these trades and service providers first!


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Christopher J. Jaglowitz, ACCI 416-363-2614
Andrea Keywonis 416-363-2614
Company Name: Miller Thomson LLP

Areas Covered:

Added experience. Added clarity. Added value.

Our Condominium team represents clients on multi-faceted projects to successfully resolve every engagement. Helping boards, owners, property managers and developers on all condominium and litigation matters, our team has a full range of expertise and experience.

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William S. Dahms 519-593-2398
Company Name: Robson Carpenter LLP Solicitors

Areas Covered: Halton, Wentworth, Niagara, Brant/Simcoe, Wellington & Waterloo

Robson Carpenter LLP is a boutique condominium and litigation law firm. We provide a full range of service to condominium corporations throughout Ontario. We have the experience and knowledge to help our clients resolve in a practical manner all legal issues that they face.

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Craig Robson 519-632-1327 x 227
Company Name: SimpsonWigle LAW LLP

Areas Covered: Halton, Wentworth, Niagara, Brant/Simcoe, Wellington & Waterloo

SimpsonWigle LAW LLP is a full service business law firm with offices in Hamilton and Burlington. We currently represent over six hundred and fifty residential and commercial condominiums in the province of Ontario, providing support to condominium property managers, boards of directors and court appointed administrators.

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B. Chris Langlotz 905-528-8411
Erik Savas 905-528-8411 x352
Firdaus Walele 905-528-8411
Tim Bullock 905-528-8411
Maria Durdan 905-528-8411
Company Name: SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP

Areas Covered: Halton, Wentworth, Niagara, Brant/Simcoe, Wellington & Waterloo

SmithValeriote Law Firm LLP provides competitive specialized legal services to condominium corporations, throughout Ontario. A complete range of legal services are offered including; the preparation, review and revision of condominium documents; the collection of arrears (i.e. liens and powers of sale); enforcement; interpreting shared facility agreements; and chairing owners’ meetings.

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Erica Gerstheimer
Michelle Kelly 800-746-0685
Robert M. Mullin 800-746-0685
Robert Dowhan 800-746-0685
Stephanie Sutherland 519-837-2100
Company Name: Vorvis, Anderson, Gray , Armstrong LLP

Areas Covered:

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S.Jane F. Armstrong 519-824-7400
Category: Maintenance and Restoration
Company Name: Aanteater Pest Control & Wildlife Inc.

Areas Covered: Halton and Wentworth

Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Service’s Incorporated has been in the pest industry for 25 years. It is owned and operated by Roger Burley. We service from Dundas all the way through to Pickering. All our technicians are trained by the owner himself in both Pest Control and wildlife Services. We specialize in Heat Treatments for Bed Bugs, which kills them in 1 application the first time. We guarantee all our workmanship in writing.

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Roger Burley 888-390-7378
Company Name: Addaline Asphalt Maintenance

Areas Covered:

Your technology leader in commercial-scale asphalt maintenance. The most economical approach to commercial scale asphalt maintenance involves getting it right the first time – and then staying on top of it. We take pride in making your job easy, by providing you with crystal clear communication that includes photos of your properties asphalt needs. Timely and cost effective repairs, professional and courteous crews, ensure safe and efficient pedestrian and vehicle flow. Your asphalt maintenance is time sensitive and proving due diligence is paramount. Let us show your tenants and your customers that their safety is always your top priority.

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Rod Campbell 888-355-5750
Company Name: Apex Pest Control

Areas Covered: Halton, Wentworth, Niagara, Wellington and Waterloo

Apex Pest Control Inc. is a professional pest management company that services Southwestern Ontario. We partner with property management companies and city housing properties to control pest infestations in residential and commercial units. We understand that this environment requires a higher level of care, detail and communication. We have over 40 years of industry experience, you can count on us for effective pest control. Our clients’ satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business.

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Mark Thomas 888-434-2739
Company Name: Atlas-Apex Roofing Inc.

Areas Covered: Halton, Wentworth, Niagara, Brant/Simcoe, Wellington & Waterloo

Atlas-Apex is a full-service roofing firm specializing in emergency service response and replacements for flat roofing applications on low or high-rise buildings. Our dedicated sloped roofing department provides the same services for shingle and metal roof installations. For leak repairs, other service or roofing issues, please contact us at 519-894-4422.

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Bryce McCandless 519-894-4422